~ Quotes ~ Actors ~

Or don't you and Hercules do that either? *both laugh*
(Aphrodite to Iolaus, Love Takes A Holiday)

Could you love a woman as you loved Iolaus?
It's different with women.
(Hippolyta and Hercules, Amazon Women)

Tell me, Salmoneus, do I look all right to you?
Uh, sure. I think youíre very attractive. I mean, I donít find you particularly attractive, but Iím sure women do. I mean, I donít find you unattractive. In fact, I consider you quite handsome. I donít want you to get the wrong idea! Iím not interested in you that way.
(Herc and Sal, As Darkness Falls)

Quite a firm handshake between you two.
Yeah, so?
So, I think itís great.
Well, Iím glad you approve.
Yeah? So, how long you two been together?
Weíve been partners since we were kids.
Oh, ĎPartnersí.
(Nebula and Iolaus, Web Of Desire)

Don't worry. You won't be getting any sleep tonight.
What? I thought you were tired. Oh, you were be... oh. So, wanna fill me in?
(Herc and Iolaus, Darkness Visible)

You were real funny when you were looking at me like I was a six-pack.
Hey-ey-ey-ey. I was just window shopping.
(Herc and Iolaus, Darkness Visible)

Maybe I'll just give up women altogether. What do you think?
I think it would be a good idea.
(Iolaus and Herc, The Warrior Princess)

What is happening?!
Well, Hercules is fighting Ares.
Over me?
No, over me.
(Princess and Iolaus, Stranger In A Strange World)

I am so glad you two are finally getting close.
(Ares: God of Love about Herc and Iolaus2, Stranger And Stranger)

I didn't mean to intrupt you fuzzy little moment, ... I just wanted to make sure none of my toys got broken.
(Ares to Herc and Iolaus, Revelations)