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The King Of Thieves
Herc ties Autolycus up to have him where he wants him.

All That Glitters
Salmoneus and a bearded woman flirt.

What's In A Name?
Herc declares that Iolaus and he are family.

Siege At Naxos
Iolaus tries to impress Herc with his skills.

Hercules gives a speech about how it's OK to be different.

Under The Broken Sky
Sal offers Herc a drink and wants him to get comfortable.

The Mother Of All Monsters
Iolaus drags Herc to bed.

The Other Side
Hades pleas with Hercules to not leave him.

The Fire Down Below
After disappointing Hercules, Sal surrounds himself with girls.

Cast A Giant Shadow
Maceus takes Iolaus prisoner and ties him up to have his way with him, but Iolaus fakes it.

Highway To Hades
Hercules lets a young man borrow his body.

The Sword Of Veracity
Herc gets annoyed when Iolaus admits he finds a woman attractive and tells him to get over it.

The Enforcer
Herc conciders Iolaus an expert on romance.

Once A Hero

Heedless Hearts

Let The Games Begin

The Apple


King For A Day

Protean Challange

The Wedding Of Alcmene

The Power

The Centaur Journey

The Cave Of Echoes