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~ Season 1 ~

The Wrong Path
Herc's wife dies and Iolaus sees his chance.

Eye Of The Beholder
Herc runs away from women.

The Road To Calydon
Herc gets a big wet kiss, and it's not by a woman.

Hercules runs in to Ares, litterly.

Festival Of Dionysus
When Herc gets drunk anything can happen.

As Darkness Falls
Salmoneus reveals that he thinks Herc is attractive.

Pride Comes Before A Brawl
Iolaus is angry with Herc and flirts with a girl.

The March To Freedom
Herc flips Iolaus on his back.

The Warrior Princess
Herc and Iolaus, bare chested in a hot forge...

Herc and Iolaus get locked up in a prison with lots of other men.

The Vanishing Dead
A wet Hercules looks at Iolaus.

The Gauntlet
Sal tries on a dress.

Unchained Heart
Iolaus throws himself on top of Salmoneus.