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Please, feel as home at this little glade in the big jungle of websites. A site dedicated to our favorite heroes, Hercules, Iolaus, Xena and Gabrielle.
July 4, 2004
There is now a new layout to chose from. It makes me wanna read something uberish.

June 3, 2004
I've made "covers" for three of my fanfics. It's fun so you can expect a few of the remaing fics to get one too. I've also fixed a broken link among the scans.

May 18, 2004
A comic strip has been added to Picture jokes. I hope it's not interpreted the wrong way. When in doubt, remember I'm an iolausian.
Also I've gotten another award, now from The Iolausian Legacy. Thank you! I'm honored.

May 9, 2004
I've gotten an award from LtLJ (*does happy dance*) that among other things can be viewed in the new section 'about'. I've also restored the guestbook entries that mysteriously disappeared.

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