A litle section about the site, really just anything I can come up with that doesn't fit in anywhere else.

   A litle history

Februari 7, 2001 – The Swedish version of the site opens
September 21, 2001 – The English version comes to life
November 2003 – get my hands on iolausian.net
April 2004 – actually moves all the sites
May 22, 2024 – both versions are still alive and kicking

   A litle award

An award from LtLJ that I can't thank enough for.

   An other litle award

An award from The Iolausian Legacy. Thank you so much!

   Mini FAQ
Q: What’s up with the weird domain name?
A: Six vocals in nine letters, so, yeah, I know it’s almost impossible to pronounce. Iolausian means ‘fan of Iolaus’. Please don’t ask who Iolaus is; you’ll upset me, Iolaus and probably Hercules, too.

Q: ‘Greeceland’s Heroes’? I don’t get it. It’s called Greece.
A: The site’s name is _New Greeceland’s_ Heroes, not _new_ Greeceland’s Heroes. ‘New Greeceland’ is a term used for the world where HTLJ and XWP take place. Greece + New Zeeland (where the shows were filmed) makes New Greeceland.

Got any more questions? Send them along.

   The boring stuff
The scans are on the site for your enjoyment, you may download them and use them as you like. But if you put them up on the Internet again, in artwork or otherwise, I would appreciate it if you somewhere on your site link back here and give credit. But please don’t copy the whole gallery to your site, there’s no reason to do that.

The wallpapers, the skins and other manipulated images/things are results of many hours (hard but much fun) work and should not be used on other sites. Unless you really, really want to and kindly as for permission.

And please don’t direct link to any of the images on the site.

   The even more boring stuff
I am in no way associated with the productions of Hercules: The Legandary Journeys, Xena: Warrior Princess, Young Hercules nor their cast. I’m just a fan nursing my obsession and this site is in no way an attempt to make money or to infringe on any copyrights or trademarks held by Renaissance Pictures, Studios USA, Universal nor any other company or individual.