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The Hercules Universe
Links to all things herculean!

The Less Than Legendary Journeys
Lots of fanfic and good images for both H:TLJ and YH.

The Hercules Alcove
Great screen caps and quotes from various episodes.

Herculean Subtext
My other Hercules site, with a different point of view.

The Iolausian Fields
The Iolaus fanlisting. Put your name on the list!

The Iolausian Library
Lots and lots of great fanfiction.

The Alter Of Iolaus
Lots of good stuff concerning Iolaus and Michael Hurst.

Caroline's Hercules Page
Hercules, Xena and Young Hercules, all in one!

Mike's Xena Wallpapers
Beautiful wallpapers and great caps and scans which I often use.

Mary Crawford's Vices
A litle of this, a litle of that; like great DVD caps for exampel.

Great Xena site with lots of humor and subtext.

Articles, episode information and transcipts for many shows.

Xena Online Resources
More than a thousand links!