ADITL Game: Who am I?

Do you remember the the game that Xena and Gabrielle are playing in A Day In The Life? Now it's your turn! I'll think of a person and you'll guess who by asking yes-or-no questions.

A few rules:
Any parallel universe doesn't count.
What we haven't seen hasn't happened.
If we haven't learned their names, they don't exist.
Write the name you guess on with only small letters.
If you guess wrong you can continue, but as a punishment it will count as if you asked two more questions.
The point of time is right after A Friend In Need II.


Are you a he? Are you a she?
Are you from Greece? Are you light blond?
Are you a "sidekick"? Are you/have you been a warlord?
Do you have a "dark" past? Have you ever lend out your body?
Have you ever died? Are you dead?
Was it Xena that killed you? Has it ever seemed like Xena killed you but it really just was imagination, a time mess-up, or something similar.
Are there one or more persons who you share an uncanny resemblance with? Do you have one or more doubles whose identity you've assumed?
Are you/have you been a god or goddess?  Do you, can you or have been able to add a royal title to your name?
Do you have or have had children? Do you have any siblings? 
Do you like to /can you sing? Have you ever had amnesia?
Have you ever kissed Xena? Have you ever kissed Gabrielle?

Do you have any questions or suggestions on characters? Or do you find anything that seems wrong? Let me know!

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