Quiz - Xena vs. Greek mythology

Greek mythology is shorted to g.m. I'm lazy, ok ;)
1. In The Titans we meet three titans who speek of many hundreds more. How many titans were there in the g.m.?
a) 7
b) 12
c) 52

2. In Prometheus Hera chains the titan to a mountain, but who is it that punish him according to g.mm?
a) Zeus
b) Atlas
c) Ares

3. From who comes the story that Gabrielle tells Iolaus in Prometheus?
a) Plato
b) Sokrates
c) Aristoteles

4. In Death In Chains Sisyphus cauptures Death, named Celesta. But what is Death's name in g.m.?
a) Deimos
b) Hades
c) Thanatos

5. What was Sisyphus punishment when he eventually died?
a) Try to fill a barrel with only a bucket with holes in it to help him.
b) To roll a stone to the top of a mountain for all eternity.
c) Dig a hole  so that he could use that sand to fill up an other one, the dig a new whole so he could fill the previos, and so on.

6. Beware Of Greeks Bearing Gifts ends with Helen of Troy leaving the all the war behind her with only Perdicus to travell with. In g.m. she lives the rest of her life with someone she loves. Who?
a) Paris
b) Menelaus
c) Agamemnon

7. In Orphan of War Ixion is described as a nobel man who made the centurs good, but what is he according to g.m.?
a) The first satyr
b) The first taecher
c) The first murderer

8. In Grirls Just Wanna Have Fun Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer runs in to Bacchus. Who is he often conected with in g.m.?
a) Dionysus
b) Pan
c) Morpheus

9. In Ulysses Xena saves them from the Sirens by singing. What did Ulysses use when he didn't have her to help him?
a) A harp
b) A mirror
c) Wax

10. In Lost Mariner Cecrops is a pirate, but what did he look like in g.m.?
a) Dragon wings on his back.
b) Tentacles as arms.
c) Underbody of a serpent.

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