Extras: quotes

Where's your respect for the gods?
In a pig trough, where it belongs.

I've resisted many women in my time. It's a special power I have.

I need directions.
Yeah? Well, I got a direction for you friend. Drop dead.

Why did you do that? I wasn't thinking of escaping. I really love you guys. Great conversation, great social skills- exellent dental hygiene.

Can you handle the rest by yourself?
Ha. Is the Aegean Sea wet?!

Okey. It's, gonna be one of those trips, isn't it?

The palace is bond to be well-guarded. How do you plan to get past them?
Easy. I'll just let you do the talkning.

Were's Leah? She doesn't seem to know the area very well, does she?
She's a virgin, not a mountain goat.

Once I was sent after you. You don't remember me watching you, though, because I don't let humans see me until I'm ready to kill them.
Wait... You mean- she was gonna kill me? She's your friend, and she was gonna kill me? Wait a second. I can see her now, can't I? So, that means, uh... Whoa!

You get to Hercules, over my dead body! - Over my strong objection!

You have got the courage that the gods lack, Iolaus.

Now, why does keeping the peace have to be so violent?

Uh, Hercules, have you ever notice whether I... I mean I wasn't taking a bath, I was, just cooling of. Do you thing I... Oh, never mind.

Iím Iolaus. You know, Herculesí best friend- companion- comrade-in-arms- renowned in song and st... I donít know why I bother. Have you really never heard of me?

Hi, guys. Hey, you know what? Itís a beautiful night outside. You should get out and enjoy it.
How did you get out of your cell?
No, no. Iím still in there.
Heís not lying. Look.

Wait a minute. This is Hercules and Iolaus. Monsters are us.

You know, I had to rush straight in there. I drew my sword as I was going...
Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, Hercules was there as well.
Thank you.

Who's Hercules?
You mean you've never heard of Hercules? Friend of Iolaus?

Ah, smell that, Hercules. Venison, freshly-baked bread. Body odor...

Who was that cute little man he was travelling with?
I was, travelling with a cute little man?

Why are you purple?
I like it.

No, thanks, Herc, I donít want anything.
I canít believe youíre not hungry.

Iím going to Plethos. I have family there.
Plethos, thatís pretty far away. How am I ever gonna run into you by accicent?

Herculesí friend, Iolaus is on his way. Heís only one man, but he fight like ten.

Iolaus, donít do anything foolish.

Yeah, we do monsters. Wait, itís not slimy, though, is it?

I donít know. Just an ĎAtta boy, Iolaus, that was great.í Or, ĎHey! Good to see ya, Iolaus! Thanks for your help!í Or maybe, ĎIolaus, whoís that big guy that always travels with ya?í

Aphrodite? Youíre all, covered up!

Who said cows give milk? No way, you have to take it.

So, how come nobodyís helping?
No need; Hercules is already inside.
I thought you were with me...

Well, thatís it. We'll go down in history as the guys that ticked off all the gods.

He was- my hero.