by Silvermoon
2004, 128 words
A young Iolaus experience his first real loss.
Is it a bird?
by Silvermoon
2003, 259 words
A very silly, very short story.
Scrolls, Hair and Roses, Oh My
by Silvermoon
2002, 1844 words
A sequal to 'A Piece of Parchment'
A Piece of parchment
by Silvermoon
2002, 359 words
What does that piece of parchment say?!
A New Year
by Silvermoon
2002, 802 words
Hercules, Iolaus, Xena and Gabrielle celebrate the new year.
Surprise (Reprise)
by Silvermoon
2001, 886 words
This story is a result of the IWC Story Challenge “Rewrite the ending of Surprise so that it was not Alcmene but Iolaus about to jump from the parapet.”
Herc's photo album
by Silvermoon
2000, 260 words
Things aren't always what they seem to be...
Once a thief...
by Silvermoon
2000, 6180 words
Iolaus is accused of steeling.

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